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Video Mesum Saiful Jamil to Kiki Fatmala
Thursday, March 5, 2009
Kiki Fatmala Sexy Saiful JamilAgainst sexual harassment video, artist Kiki Fatmala made by Saiful Jamil, circulating among the entertainment reporter. Its known that is unused as a sexual harassment that is done deliberately by former husband of Dewi Perssik. In the video 1 minute, the squeeze is being portrayed Ipul part Kiki is back in without clothing, sleeping on the chocolate-colored sofa. Next scene ipul squeeze Kiki's buttocks covered with the coated fabric by green bluish. Consequently the owner directly Ipul interesting hands that are absorbed buttocks squeeze Kiki.

Sexy Foto Kiki FatmalaThe scene, directly off the next Kiki ipul cameraman while requesting not to stop the camera. When confirmed the validity of a video circulating in the entertainment journalist, and Kiki say yes.. (05/03) the incident she experienced, when she in shooting location with saiful Jamil. According to Kiki, the incident has occurred and long ago, but Kiki was still mad because saiful Jamil did not want to apologize to her.

"As a woman I am very disappointed, he should be able to work with professional ones," said Kiki. Meanwhile, Saiful Jamil try to be contacted via mobile phone but he choose to silent. However, through a maid, Ipul convey a message to the journalist who has long been waiting in the kediamannya. Ipul explain he currently didn't want to comment about the harassment against Kiki.

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