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What Dhini Aminarti says about Indra L. Brugman
Sunday, February 22, 2009
Dhini Aminarti Seksi Foto Bugil, Mesum, TelanjangDhini Aminarti Seksi Foto Bugil, Toket, TelanjangThe Name, Indra Bruggman called by Henyansyah Idham Ryan as a former boyfriend. Ryan says in his book if the two girls in a long time and each other between the two. Then what Dhini Aminarti says about Indra's behavior? "I do believe if he was not a gay, during this time, he never show behavior like that," Dhini said when she found in the King Corner restaurant, Kemang, South Jakarta, Saturday (21 / 2) night.

Dhini Aminarti Seksi Foto Bugil, Mesum, TelanjangDhini who claim to have been engaged with Indra for 3 years if it asserts whatever happens with Indra, herself already did not want to know more. "I do not have the same issues again Indra. I do not know what is the relationship with Ryan and I also don't want to know," he said. When her name is called in the book issued by Ryan, Dhini suspect it is just his action to find the sensation. "Perhaps that only obsession of Ryan as well," she says.

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